Awarding Winning Digital Agency – What Got AdCom8 There?

Award Winning Agency

Award winning agencies don’t pop up overnight. When you start out sacrificing integrity and quality can be easy to do in exchange for increased short term revenue. That is a mistake we never made. Day in and day out with countless weekends full we toiled and ground out some stellar service. Initially  we only offered a localized search engine management package to our clients. When we put out some dynamically engaging websites and landing pages for a few clients that asked, we had so many clients and prospects see them that within two weeks we were slammed and overloaded. I don’t offer clients websites that often anymore, but when I do I couldn’t be more thankful than I am now for the amazing projects that have came our way.

With the introduction of our ppc department about six months ago, the impact of what we did for a new client in the short term was like a shot fired from a stone’s throw away. You heard it, 99% of the United States saw it and we fired off a barrage more in the coming months. We never settle, never slow down and will be heard. Massive disruption is what we’ve caused in our industry, combing top notch customer service with experienced corporate training. Bringing the most creative and innovative minds and skills the west coast has to offer, we are here! Instead of the popular cookie cutter mass production model so many have brought in the past, you are unique and we heard you America.

When we bring on new clients two or three people around our office will know them by name, their mission, goals, struggles and hold themselves accountable to make it happen. Phone calls, emails and activity that otherwise would not have happened are what we’re known for. We admit when we are wrong and take responsibility for it. Doesn’t mean we aren’t great at what we do, we learn from our mistakes but do not repeat them. Data testing is at the core of what we do, sometimes finding the right data is our favorite task to complete for our clients. I would love to know, what do you need or desire out of your digital agency?

Adcom8 won a Stevie Award this 2016 in the Sales & Customer Service Section, thank you for all your support. More info at Adcom8 Stevie Awards