PPC Strategy – Why I Excel At Powerful Converting PPC Campaigns

While at AdCom8 as our sales manager last year I began to sell a lot of our AdWords and PPC campaigns to clients. Always curious I shifted this year, after about six months of training and certification, to running our pay per click department. Could not be happier, while chasing perfection we’ve gotten close. Shifting away from clients with smaller budgets and working with some aggressive partners has made these last few months extremely rewarding. Watching tens of thousands of units being processed and shipped monthly is a great feeling of fulfillment in our clients goals. Adding standard call tracking on almost every ppc campaign we run has shown our service based businesses massive returns they can log in and track via hundreds of call recordings.

Our path so far has been great, but what got us there? AdCom8 was stacked with experience when I came in the door, together we transformed into a dynamic combination of skills, talent and company wide success. Pulling my weight was never a problem in any industry when it came to the sales end of things, but if I wanted to stop talking forty hours a week having the same basic conversations repetitively with small business owners, I needed to learn a few skills. College drop out, stopping my last programming class at C++ and math around calculus, I had the kind of mind it takes in this business. Just not the experience to make it happen when it came to online marketing and web design. While the last year of my life had been spent checking out shady local seo firms, or marketing companies that just couldn’t make it happen for a client, I found AdCom8 to be the real deal when it came to the value they could offer. Once there they were more than willing to teach, educate, train, and invest in my future in exchange for building out our sales department. Awesome career here really, great income, close knit atmosphere and a skill set that is excessively formidable online. As your reading this, it’s kind of the only proof you need. Who am I? I am creative, innovative, math in the head, expressively explosive, and dynamic of today. Exclamation point not needed. Seriously though, thank you for taking the time to read this, it’s only fun if you can make an impact on someone else and their success.

Today, I spend my days building out the different fields within and AdWords or ppc campaign. Like most artists, professionals, or tradesmen I have tools. My set of tools where like an adrenaline rush to place at my fingertips which led to a head full of random equations on the most boring of days. Spreadsheets, data, analysis, daily, until my eyes bled. Addicted? Maybe but it balanced out after the bulk of learning this life was behind me. Ninja like I can move through data online and find out what a person buys, when they buy, how often, how they buy, where they buy from, and how to capture their business. In today’s age at massive events their are reams of data so far flung they will tell you anything you want to find out to a point of legality anyways.

Game plan was, we’d aggressively educate each other and ourselves to the point of world class performance. The week I launched an e-commerce site campaign with a hefty budget and watched it hit a staggering 2165% return inside the first week, I knew we were there. Hiccups happen though and like any new agency we had our long nights, jumbled code, technical issues, even morale. Every step, as in every hour we never stopped. Our industry has maybe three hundred different options in California alone, thousands if not more at a wider range. In our area there were maybe five or six larger companies we had all once worked at or knew of. Over the first six months as we successfully expanded they all took notice one by one. Today our game plan has us in the spotlight, affording the thought on our process, over the eagerness of our persistence.

Today we know the following, larger ads mean more clicks. Better quality content will crush the competition, and the numbers tell the truth. When we run campaigns we share all data unfiltered to our clients. When you show the person selling the numbers you are sending them they tell you how to send them better numbers every single time. Surprisingly many  companies do not want to do this because of the mistakes. Mistakes happen, fix it, a good online marketing campaign is somewhat like a very expensive motorcycle. You are not supposed to throw it away because something broke down in trade of a pedal bike that will get you to work. Content, as mentioned in my last post, is king. No, you can not do the minimum writing and outrank or dominate any one. Why  should you? Work for you business, if you can’t write great content, buy it, it’s available in Google search. Be careful who you buy it from because lets face it we all know where the stuff that breaks easy comes from. Do some research before buying things, the most frustrating thing in my line of work is hearing a client go through five horror stories of bad decisions and thousands of dollars. Recently I have taken to apologizing for their loss and letting them rest in peace, paralyzed from making a healthy decision to get competitive though I still feel their frustrations and pain. Do free things for your business such as free online tools, the ones that will help you work smarter and save time. If you are running a ppc campaign the number one way to know it’s working is that people are buying from you. When they do start buying from you be prepared. Never miss calls, if you fail to provide a professional first impression, no advertisement will work for you.

Google support forums, free training guides and videos, you tube videos, about $80 in books off of Amazon, and talking to Google are how I churn out numbers that hit the goals of the people I work for. I took the time and at this point we’ve helped some business owners, made some great friends, and know we have clients we’ll be serving a lifetime. Effort was what it took, we’ll put the work in every time. Love you for reading this, really.

Learning much from Digital Marketer this year one of their best articles we loved was about e-commerce success through paid search you can view here at Digital Marketer