Landing Page Optimization Tips & Tricks for 2016

Landing Page Tips

We all look for tips and tricks to optimize our landing pages. If we’re lucky we find the good tips and helpful tricks. Unlucky ones though could spend hours researching. In the end only to try a bad tactic and start over. The tips I am bringing to the table are more ideology than technique. Still, I hope you find great value in what has worked for me and my clients before.
Optimizing a landing page can make or break a campaign into getting business online. When you start down this road, it’s a good idea to get a crystal clear idea what your end user you are trying to attract is looking for. Your call to action is a primary concern. Positioning of a click to call feature above the fold can be powerful. Does your opt in strategy work is something you should know in your first hundred hits. Mobile responsiveness is a must in today’s market. In a complete reversal of years past, build anything for a mobile device. One easy way to check if your landing page appears well on mobile devices is to press Ctrl + Shift + I and then Ctrl + Shift + M. Open up the mobile viewing inside of Google Chrome and check different mobile views across many popular mobile phones that your website will be viewed upon. Look for things like areas of your site overlapping with others. Do all your phone numbers activate a call when clicked from mobile devices? Are the most important parts of your website are up top directly in the view of a new hit to your site?

While we all have the way we like to do things, it’s not about you, it’s about the people that are coming to your site. Just like a first impression, you only  get one. Fail to impress a new visitor that arrives at your site with relevant information that they are looking for and you may not get a second opportunity. Strike quickly, and place things like your phone number, a picture depicting what you offer, a value point about your product or service, and an opt in box within the above the fold section. Usually if people are not engaged in your landing page within the first three seconds or so, they will not stay much longer. This will lead to a higher bounce rate, and abysmal rankings for the things you’d like to be showing up for organically.

One of the places I’ve learned a lot from is AdCom8, their amazing content writer Ian has put together more substantial information on what goes into optimizing a landing page here>> AdCom8 Landing Page Optimization