How To Generate Referrals More Often

Learn How To Generate More Referrals From Your Customers!

When you are trying to grow a business in this day and age there is a tried and true method many of us use of generating referrals from our existing happy clients. Having a method and system of this referral process is a must if you are going to get the best out of these efforts. Just asking for a referral is not a great strategy, minimal effort equals minimal referrals. Why shouldn’t your clients give you referrals, if you are great at what you do you’d figure they would right? Referral generation though is a touchy and difficult process as many of us have found. Here are some opening questions myself and team have been using to raise our referrals by about 627% this quarter.

    • Who do you know that could use something like this for themselves?
    • Who is the most successful person you know?
    • Do you work with anyone who could use these services?
    • Any other names come to mind?

Do your referral requests in phases. Segment your request into a solid funnel that does not leave you overexposed in your requests.

First segment should be questions like this.

    • Are you happy with what we did for you today?
    • We always want to make sure we’re doing our best for new clients, is there anything we could have done better for you?
    • How likely are you to recommend us to your family and friends?
    • What did you like best about our service/product and what did you like least?

Secondly, this segment is the transition into asking for the referral. If the customer was not happy, apologize and end the conversation with an offered solution to leave them satisfied.

    • Who should I call about offering this to them?
    • What is the best way to contact them?
    • Is there anyone you gave me as a referral that you would rather I not mention you when I call?
    • Would you like to call your referral before I do to let them know? If so, when?

Be assumptive when gathering referrals, they can be the biggest resource your business has while not being used to its fullest potential. Make certain when you are conducting your business you only ask for the referral when you have fulfilled everything you promised. When you attempt to gather a referral from an unhappy client the aftermath can be quite ugly. Be thankful when you receive the referrals and often times you will get more and more. Here at AdCom8 we offer a $100 AdWords credit to any of our happy clients that send us a referral. This is a popular tactic to offer your existing client a discount or promotion in return for sending you new business, everyone wins. Speaking of winning, keep following my blog and you’ll be winning all year long. Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear what kind of questions some of you have I could right about. Happy referral hunting everyone, good luck to you this 2016.